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For the uncensored versions of stuff, just send me a note with your email address and I'll add it up to the group X-) (if you send me your email adress, I will assume you are of the legal age in your country)-


Serving Lord Beerus

Disclaimer: No real saiyans were molested during the narration of this story. 
Disclaimer 2: should this be strict?? I am either really prude or an absolute pervert...

Frieza was starting to get frustrated by his new pet. Vegeta reacted to pain very nicely, but he was more than just a toy. He was a pet and there were more things to be expected from a pet: begrudging obedience, for instance, or the acceptance of unpleasant actions to avoid even worse situations. In short, more interaction. Frieza kept dreaming of the moment Vegeta would raise his tight little ass whenever he snapped his fingers.

But alas, the royal monkey was proving to be difficult. Even for a saiyan. It had taken Recoom a few beatings to get Nappa to do whatever he wanted, and Zarbon was already leading Raditz into the acceptance phase. Vegeta, on the other hand, remained sullen and uncooperative. It had gotten so frustrating that Frieza was tempted to just kill the three of them and bury the memory of the saiyan race forever.

Until Goku arrived, of course.

Obviously alarmed at the notion of losing his own pet, Zarbon quickly tried to intervene, yapping on:

“My lord, Vegeta’s tough, but he’s got his pride.” He said. “Humiliation might be far worse punishment than a whipping.”

“What kind of simpleton do you take me for?!” Frieza had snarled, slamming his thick tail against the floor with such force that the stone cracked. “I know that.”

Zarbon had been wise enough not to question why such a weakness hadn’t been exploited.  But he probably inferred it; Vegeta was a powerful and fine-looking beast. Frieza wanted him tamed but fierce, and he would take pride on having the most powerful saiyan alive obediently licking his hand even as he glared threateningly at anyone else who dared lay eyes on him.    

“May I mention Lord Beerus’ impending visit, my lord…? His existence is nothing but a rumor among most…”

Frieza had been pleased with the idea. For a few years before he finally decided to exterminate the saiyans, the brutish creatures had begun to worship Beerus for some reason. They prepared great banquets on his honor and called his name before each mayor battle. It seemed they thought he was some kind of warrior deity, and that they were serving him by destroying the unworthy. Surely, the threat of being thrown naked and in chains at the feet of his mighty god would be enough to break Vegeta and to convince him to play along.

He had been wrong. Although shocked and hesitant at first, there was no significant change in the saiyan’s attitude. It didn’t matter how graphic the threat was presented or how much details Frieza added, Vegeta continued to be as sullen and uncooperative as ever, taking punishment without a fight, but not bothering to follow even the simplest order.

And the night of Beerus’ visit arrived, and the thought of those bony hands groping his treasured pet had Frieza hissing and spitting like a furious snake. It was like letting that hideous creature nap on his silky bed, to let him drink from his glass…

But a threat had been made, and only a coward backed down on a threat. At this point, it was either letting Beerus play with his toy, or destroying the toy.

He whirled around and caught Vegeta staring at him. The little bastard immediately looked down, but not fast enough. Frieza gritted his teeth so hard his jaws actually ached. That damn ape was expecting him to back down, even if by killing him. He would go to hell knowing he had denied him, Lord Frieza, the right to use his enslaved ass as he damn pleased.

 “So, my pet…are you ready to be Beerus’ little slut this evening?”


“Beerus The Destroyer humiliated your father…and he will now humiliate you far worse…In front of me, of Zarbon…”


“Is it so terrible to recognize your inferiority to me?” Frieza hissed, anger returning with a vengeance.

“You told me never to lie to you.”

“You little sh…”

“My lord, Beerus-samma has arrived.” Zarbon barged in. He went deadly pale when Frieza turned to glare at him. He quickly bowed. “H-he’s asking for you…!”

Frieza gritted his teeth.

“Fine! Get Raditz ready. He will serve Beerus tonight.” He turned back to Vegeta. At least the saiyan had enough sense to cower under his burning gaze. “Maybe Dodoria will be more of an incentive for you.”

“…but, my lord, Raditz won’t be able to take him…!”

“Then you will find another animal to play with!”

“My lord….that’s not the problem…If he breaks before Beerus can…”

Frieza closed his eyes and breathed in and out a few times. Oh, how simple would it be to kill everyone around him and hope the food was enough to satisfy Beerus. But, alas, luck was never on his side. Raditz would break like a watermelon and that hideous creature may very well wipe out the entire solar system in his frustration.

“Your god just saved your hide.” Frieza hissed at Vegeta before marching forth, dragging him along by his short leash. “And you better not try to offend him. If he gets angry, he will kill us both…An eternity together in hell. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Vegeta shuddered. 

Vegeta owns Black Goku!
Darn,  months ago I made a bet with Argentinaforall that if Vegeta powned dick in Super, I would draw him on top. So here a drafty one to settle my debt xD I promise I will do a better one. But it is an idea that needs careful work!! It was just so unexpected! It is coming, though. XD

Hope you still like it xD 
18 Bullies Vegeta! by LiteraturaBDSM
18 Bullies Vegeta!
Vegeta managed to blow up one of 18's favourite boots. She didn't appreciate it. 

Haters are  gonna say I stole the background from the anime...and they would be damn right!


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LiteraturaBDSM Featured By Owner Edited Sep 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist

You called me out? No. You "called out" Squillarah. I called you out on that. 

And you feel hurt when someone assumes stuff about you, but you feel entitled to assume stuff about others....Treat others as you would want others to treat you. 

You are not "piss poor". You have internet and a computer. And you eat. "Piss poor" is living in the street and sleep under a bench.

I'm sorry you have problems, but don't take it out against others who did nothing against you. That won’t help you. Seek help. You have internet access and there are tons of organizations in the US who can back you up. Reach out to them, or keep suffering.  

And I don't care if the Native Americans you know are offended by this cartoon, as I don't care about the white family feeling offended about gay marriage or the mothers raging for violence in video games. Feeling offended doesn't automatically make your opinion valid. 

Help yourself and then educate yourself about the overall problem to become a useful individual in life. You do have worth, but you are wasting it.

And thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my DBZ porn drawings. 

Squillarah Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! friend. How are you? sorry for not replying to the emails for awhile I've been busy but I finally replied to them. :)
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Hey, don't worry. As long as you are fine. X-) Neko Emoji-38 (Music) [V2] 
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Oh, okay. :)
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LiteraturaBDSM Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Well, this made my day. Thank you for the gesture =) I'm really happy you enjoy my stuff. If you have any kinky ideas, share away >=D Two heads think better than one xD. Un abrazo!
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Omg your art is fantastic! How have I not discovered you SOONER!? I definitely need to commission you at some point! :D
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 xD That would be awesome X-) Any excuse is good to draw them bara-guys in distress. jojojojBritney Spears Lol Oopsie 
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