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Bv by LiteraturaBDSM
Role Play DBZ Board =D 








*PayPal Only (for now)
* Can be MercadoLibre if you are in Latin-america (pesos argentinos only)

10USD per character: full-color (main+1shade)

5USD per simple background 

5USD for additional stuff (complicated accesories, 2shades, etc)

  • We share paternity. You can post it whenever you want, and so can I (with due call-back to author and comissioner). Private stuff is twice the regular price. 
  • I don't do minors in any sexual scenarios. Do not insist.  
  • Full payment after initial draft is delivered and approved. 
  • Finished product is delivered in 2 to 3 days. 

=) Hope that's all fair. Any questions, just send me a note!


Trades and Requests

I'm always open to ideas =) So shoot away! Just a few rules for Requests:

GOLDEN RULE: Requests are not a priority. I am not obliged to do them =) Don't be an ass.

Vegeta can't be the sub. (unless it's something kinky I hadn't thought of ;)

No OCs.

Pending Suggestions: 

*Female Ranma Getting it from Ryoga.

*Vegeta Spanking Goku

*Raven Getting Spanked by Starfire.

*Videl in kinky scenario

*Adult Pan in SSJ4 

*Asriel in crazy Dominatrix Suit (Undertale Lady-Goat-creature)

*Sansa beating Ramsay's butt! (GoT)

*Zamasu Son Goku, sir!

To-do Comic List for 2017:

Black Night  (in progress)

After being injured in battle, Vegeta ends up in the hands of Black Goku.
The dark god is curious about certain urges his mortal body feels.


Bulma throws a tantrum, but she ends up being the jailer
and nurse of the evil captured saiyan anyway.

Serving Lord Beerus

Goku fails to defeat the God of Destruction, but Earth is not destroyed.
It seems Beerus has a thing for leather and a snotty saiyan prince.

Housebreaking the Saiyans

Heartbroken after Trunk's death, Miraim Bulma returns to the past to turn
the saiyans into the obedient discipline soldiers Earth needs.


I decided to make the comics parteon exclusives.

Fact is, they always reach a level of complexity that turns them from something fun and easy to a demanding task. And that's when they loose their charm and I abandon them.

I don't want to do that anymore, but I really can't afford to waste so much time on something that isn't spawning much of anything.

Black Night will be a pilot. If enough people like it and support it, more will come. I will produce at least one page per week, until its completed. 

People who have been providing feedback will keep getting them.

If you have problems with parteon, you can support through paypal too ;) Just let me know where to send the stuff.

Ayyyyyyy....So fucking tumblr decided to go ape-shit on my ass, change it all to what the fucky-flash garbage, and while struggling to process where everything was, I ended up deleting it....

I'll get back on it on the weekend. I fucking hate tumblr so bloody much, I really wish there was an alternative. 
Would you rather have...??
25 deviants said Keep up full color at a rather...moderate pace??
5 deviants said Black-white but faster updates?
Toriel Remains Aloof
I fucking love Undertale. So I needed to draw something. It was gonna be naughty....but I just can't do it xD She's such a sweet thing. 

I'm trying to loosen up my hand and speed shit up, so don't judge me. (though critiques are most welcomed!). 

WARNING: If you aren't into BDSM yaoi rapy madness, stay in this folder


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